Two questions about alt and title

i have two questions.
[COLOR=“Navy”]1:Which is best for seo?
use image to <img> tag and alt:
<img src=”keyword.jpg” alt=”keyword” />

use image to css with css sprite and load by <div> and title tag?
<div class=“keyword” title=“keyword”></div>[/COLOR]

2. for link use of alt is best or title?
<a href=”” title=”keyword”>Keyword
in Anchor Text</a>
<a href=”” alt=”keyword”>Keyword
in Anchor Text</a>

Thank you

For the <img> tag use the alt attribute and for the <a> tag use the title attribute. I would load the image with the <img> tag rather than the <div> tag.

You can only use the alt attribute on images since only images need alternative text for when they don’t display.

If the image forms part of the content (ie, the page doesn’t make sense if you remove it completely), it needs an alt attribute to give alternative text to be used if the image isn’t available. If removing the image doesn’t make any difference to the sense of the page (ie, it is purely decorative), it should have alt="".

If it will be useful for people who can see the image to have a tooltip giving further information when they hover over the image, add this as a title attribute. Only use this for supplementary information, not for essential information, as you can’t guarantee everyone will see it.

You can add a title attribute to any element, but apart from links and images, that is rarely used - not least because you’re unlikely to get a lot of people mousing over them unless you make it clear that there’s extra information there.

You’ll notice that the one thing I haven’t mentioned at any point is any consideration of SEO. The alt and title attributes are important for accessibility and usability. Abusing them for reasons of SEO counts as keyword stuffing, and is very much frowned on by Google. If they suspect you of just filling the alt and title attributes with keywords for no better reason than to try to con them, they’ll drop you like hot lead.

I would like to stick to felgall. There is no need of an alt attribute in a link.