Alt vs text for img logo?

As you may know by my many new posts I’m recoding my site. Now is my chance to do it right. At the very top of my site (first three lines of code) is my logo, a unique to each page rhyme, and a virtual tour. These are all put in place with HTML img tags. My h1 is further down the page after the nav. Ive done it both ways, but after reading a lot about it I think it’s better to have your h1 as your unique (to each page) heading. Basically in my minds eye this should match your title tag.

So my question. Should I just leave it be how it currently is? That is simply using the alt tag to explain the image. Or should I use some image replacement thing for these three img’s? If I went this route I was thinking of using strong as the tag to hide the text. Reading, and viewing tests, I know text carries more weight than alt with google. But I also don’t want to do some needless thing. But Id also like to continue doing seo well in regards to this site. I’m guessing if I asked google they would say, keep it how it is and use the alt tag as that’s what it’s for. Just sort of thinking out loud. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks!

I would suggest you keep with the alt tag for a while. Hiding text can be mistaken for spamming search engines, which in turn might adversely affect your seo.

Thank you. Ill prob just stick with the alt then

Alt tag is been read by crawler so site owner put the alt tag attribute in the image. Crawler are not able to read the image so through alt tag theyu come to know what the image is about.


Alt desc is a tag attribute, not a tag. Safer to use that and a Title attribute too if you want rather than hiding text if SEO is a concern for you since it could look like cloaking.