Two of the world's simplest Discourse plugins

I’ve seen it many times at meta Discourse

Someone isn’t pleased with the default text or the way something is styled, and starts a Feature topic asking that the Core code be changed.

Quite often, the Discourse Team and other members do not agree with the proposed change, so it doesn’t happen.

But suppose that you, in your infinate wisdom, know better what’s best for your forum?

For example, you know members aren’t taking the hint and clicking a topic when they see
The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.
and you think there would be better results with
Sorry, try these links instead.

Or say that in honor of @TechnoBear 's excellent record, you want “Topics” changed to “Bears” and class things up with “bear face” icon in the Admin Dashboard

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Oh yes, please - I really, really, really want an “Add a Bear” button.

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