Two column dynamic text - want divs same height


Got a layout of multiple rows (up to 10 rows) of 2 cols - a grid layout - text is read from a db and will show up to 80 characters for each entry. So each ‘entry’ is a div on the page.

Problem is that I want each ‘row’ to be the same height regardless of the text within it.

Is there a way to do this?

btw I’m using bluepirnt css for this project.

fixed height. Dont’ forget you overflow statemant, just in case.

You can’t just set a fixed height on each div/row?


yes, of course I can … brain freeze moment…


Fixed heights should be avoided, I’d wrap both paragraph elements (or whatever elements your using) in a parent element, aka <div class=“wrap”> or something simliar. And then use faux column technique to make them appear equal height. Setting fixed height on content is generallly a bad idea because it’s very breakable :slight_smile: