Tween Problem

i just solve my problem but a little bit tarabul the movement of mc is in two step i dont no whats thing is wrong in tween i am trying but no response

please check this and tel me how to solve

here is my code

import mx.transitions.Tween;
import mx.transitions.easing.*;
onMouseMove = function () {

MovieClip.prototype.avoidMouse = function(distance, speed){
var xdiff = this._parent._xmouse - this._x;
var ydiff = this._parent._ymouse - this._y;
var dist = Math.sqrt(xdiffxdiff + ydiffydiff);
if (dist < distance){
var angle = Math.atan2(ydiff, xdiff);

new Tween(this,“_x”,Strong.easeOut,this._x,this._x - Math.cos(angle)*speed,.5,true);
new Tween(this,“_y”,Strong.easeOut,this._y,this._y - Math.sin(angle)*speed/1.5,.5,true);


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