TV voice web site question re use of TV programme IN my site

I am a freelance voice over talent for TV stations and in process of recreating my site and presume that:-

  1. I cannot use TV station show logos or videos IN my site even if it is with
    mostly my voice, so I have provided links to the shows on their site

  2. To replay sound only, I am using two types of play button as the flash variant will not of course work on mobiles. What is the best play button app to use that is visible for all devices?

Many thanks


Authoring software serif WEB +x5

prev site created with Dreamwever

If the TV station holds the copyright on the recording, which is very likely, then you can’t use their logos or the recording without their permission. There is nothing to stop you from asking them if they would be happy for you to use their material as part of your portfolio – they might say no, but it’s always worth asking.

Be sure to get any agreement for use of logos etc in writing even if it is just an email.

My thanks to Stevie D and Slackr for their replies

I have written to a station Director