Leagality of using you tube, and twitter logo

I am writing a web page for my daughter who wants me to include the company logos for You Tube, Twitter, and facebook and have them link to her account on each site. I have the URLs to use, but I am not sure if it is legal to use those logos on her page (it is a commercial site).

Also, where would I get the png images people would click on?



No worries, glad it was of assistance in directing you onto the correct path to find-out what to look for regarding their image/logo usage, etc. :slight_smile:

Now that is what wizards are for! that is exactly the page I needed.


Cool, glad it was helpful. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the help. After getting what I need off of the Twitter site, I was able to find the same sort of help page on facebook.

You Tube however is much more complex. They seem willing to share just about anything. I a have already embedded a YouTube video into a web page, that is quite easy.

I just can’t find a simple link to download a “png” image of the company logo. I am sure it is a matter of time and I will find it.


You may find the following link useful: http://help.twitter.com/entries/77641 typically they all will have “Logo Usage” or guidelines and downloadable icons but I aren’t that familiar with those sites.