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In Hosting, we are starting a series of documents and tutorials that you can freely download to help you with hosting planning and challenges. You can also use the documents here to help you become knowledgeable

When you have questions regarding the documents in this section, then post them in the hosting forum and a mentor, advisor, team leader or member will answer your questions.

Hosting Docs

  • [post=5235162]Five Steps To Find A Great Host[/post]
  • [post=5524993]Take Control Of Your Project Changes[/post]



Finding the right host can be more complicated than you may expect. SitePoint is pleased to offer you a free expert guide:

This guide features:

  • How to plan your hosting
  • Questions that you should ask you host
  • Hosting considerations
  • Hosting options - what fits your needs best
  • How to refine and contact your hosting candidates.

This thread is closed; we ask you post in the hosting forum so everyone can follow and potentially learn.

Take Control of your Project Changes

This is a beginner GIT tutorial. It features:

  • Why most developers, designers, content writers, photographers and documentation managers should use a version control system.
  • Introduction on Installing and performing simple configuration.
  • Attempts to overcome the perception that GIT / Version control is just for geeks.
  • Basic commands (used in almost every project)

Soon to come is a slightly more advanced Appendix that shows how a team might work together with branching.