Best Hosing Website?


please suggest me which web site best for hosting … Need a bit of help picking a host for me UK based company?


There is no simple answer to that, because it depends on your specific requirements.

SitePoint has a guide designed to help you choose. Please have a read at this:

If there is anything there you don’t understand, feel free to ask. Likewise, if you still need some help after you’ve established your requirements, you can post again. Meanwhile, there isn’t much else we can offer by way of help.

What requirements do you have? (i.e. webspace/bandwidth, are you looking for a Windows based host [.net development] or Linux based etc)

There are plenty of hosts around, but picking one that is reliable, been around for a while and sustainable is another story…

A little tip also; once you’ve settled on one, do a quick google search of the company’s name to look for reviews and such. Might save a lot of pain in the long-term.

Do you need a shared hosting, VPs or dedicated server?

As the OP hasn’t returned, it seems pointless to continue asking for clarification.

Thread closed.