Trying to repeat background 100%

#middle_section {
    width: 900px;
    background:url('') repeat 100%; }

If you take a look at the link you’ll see the my middle_section_background is kinda bunched up. I cropped the image to make the filesize less. ? What can I do to make it look normal and not so bunched up?

What do you mean by “bunched up”? I looks like a low-resolution image. If you are just repeating the image over the whole background, just have


which will, by default, mean

background: [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]transparent[/COLOR] url('') [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]repeat scroll 0 0[/COLOR]; 

What I mean by bunched up is that its repeating over itself. Veiw>image for the background in the main_content area. Do you think I made the image to small?

What do you mean by that? :wink:

The image is just repeating horizontally and vertically, but not overlapping in any way. It is just a grainy image, so my advice would be to re-do the image. Rather than cropping, make the image the size you want in Ps (or equivalent) and save for web. It looks like you want just a pure blue background anyway. Have you considered using a background color instead?

Blake where’s my image on that? :(.
Me and Blake resolved it via AIM (just to let you guys know)


Oh yeah I need to give you an image of me to put there

Dork! DUH lol where it at?