Trying to merge multiple PDF's into a single PDF document


We have presentations that we give our customers.

Part 1 - Is a single page w/ the Sales Person’s information and customer information (PDF)
Part 2 - Is a 10 page presentation in a single PDF file
Part 3 - Is a custom Call Me for more information (also a PDF)

I want the salesperson to hit submit, the document gets created as a single PDF Presentation for them to send out to their customer.

Thanks in advance.


It’s possible to do this if you buy the full version of Adobe Acrobat (rather than just the free reader), but I’m not aware of any free software that will allow you to combine files like that.

We have the full version of Acrobat but I would like to make this happen in the script. Our sales people do not have Acrobat Pro but we (marketing) do. That is what we are doing now, trying to lighten the load around here. Thanks for replying.


That extension to the FPDF library for PHP allows you to read in and update existing PDFs including merging multiple PDFs into one directly from PHP.

OK, got it to work using PDFTK. You need to install that on your server but after that you can excecute it using PHP.

// Execute in this format - pdftk 1.pdf 2.pdf 3.pdf cat output 123.pdf

$merged_pdf = exec(“pdftk $first $second $third cat output $fileName”);
echo $merged_pdf;

The suggestion I gave was a pure PHP solution that didn’t need access to install anything extra on the server (other than the fpdf and fpdi php libraries which are just ordinary PHP files and so can be uploaded the same way as all your other PHP files).