PHP Form to PDF

I am developing a site for my own business and want to keep the ordering system really simple.

What I would like to do is produce a booking form that the customer fills in that when they submit transfers the data to an already laid out PDF that will already include other pages such as terms and conditions, our contact details and even a postage label that they can use to send the item to us. When submit is clicked on the form, this PDF will open in a seperate window and allow the customer to print it out and also save it.

Is this even possible and how technically difficult is it to accomplish as that will decide if I do it myself or look to pay for someone to do it for me.

Many Thanks

take a look at and which between them allow you to use PHP to update an existing PDF.

tcpdf is another alternative you can check

If you want to really simplify the task, give a try to our product PD4ML.

In order to produce PDFs you need to create PHP/HTML the usual way and let PD4ML to convert it to PDF. PD4ML is a tool/library written in Java, and it can be easily integrated into PHP environment on any platform.

Take a look to HOWTO document on pd4ml com site. (Sorry I am not allowed to publish direct links)

We tried to make PD4ML+PHP integration procedure as simple as possible.