Trying to make a logo play once per session

Hey, I got a swf logo at that I want to play once per session. Preferably I want it to play once every time someone opens or closes the tab/browser but not while the user navigates the site…

I’m using:

mySharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal(“savedObject”);
_root.onLoad = function() {
if ( {
} else { = true;
result = mySharedObject.flush();
if (result) {
//all good
} else if (!result) {
//user at never – prompt user

At the moment but it seems to randomly jump between frames even tho I have it set to the last frame of my animation…Also it doesn’t play when I close my browser and open it again… It seems never to play for me even if I clear my cookies…

Does anyone have a better code for me? I’m a complete newbie in AS and flash but I get by with HOURS of googling and asking… Thanks!

I’d test the logical switches in your function by tracing responses to a textfield so you can monitor in-browser response.

Thanks… Could you be any more specific… I’m a complete newbie in actionscript :frowning:

put a dynamic textfield on stage at the top level, visible over all frames. You can then write text to this to monitor what’s happening. Normally you would just use trace, but because you need to debug in the browser, this isn’t readily available (you could use remote debugging though)

So wherever you have an if/else switch in your code, or need to see if a frame or action has been activated, after each possibility you could use something like

_root.mytextfieldname.text = “ was true”;