SWF playing the same time as FLV


I have created a page that contains a SWF (the walk on man) and a FLV (the video in the top right hand corner). I am aware that a lot of work is still required and wondered if someone could point me in the right direction on the following points?

I would like to pause the SWF if the FLV starts to play, at the moment they both play together which is obviously a problem.

I would also like to add functionality to skip the walk on man once the user has already visited the page. To clarify if the user has already viewed the swf can a cookie of some kind male the movie go to the last frame (which is the advert)? If so would I do this in the FLV or via javascript?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. I’m not even sure where to start looking for an answer - would I control the solution within the flash file or would it be javascript (or something else server side)??

Kind regards

Thanks very much for the pointer - I have now created the functionality I required. A pointer for others that are trying to do this - for quite some time my cookie didn’t work in firefox but it did in IE - this was because the movie had minor bugs therefore always debug your code properley. My code is:

//initialize the shared object – get it if it exists on this computer
var my_so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal("visited", "/");

//check to see if the visited info object exists and act accordingly
if (my_so.data.newVisitor != undefined) {


} else {
//object doesn't exist: new user

my_so.data.newVisitor = "no";

You can do this using localConnection to communicate between the swfs

For this you need to implement a ‘local shared object’ (in effect a flash cookie). This needs to implemented in the flv player swf (you refer to the flv, but remember it is just a video file played back by a swf, it has no logic in it). If the advert is the last frame of the flv then you won’t be able to skip to it as it won’t have loaded to that point when it first appears. You;d be better avoiding the unecessary flv load in this case and just display a static image instead.