Try to Obtain IRS EIN by Fax, Fail

I try to Obtain EIN from IRS by Fax and Over 4 weeks no response from them, Should I try to fax again ?

Need advice on EIN.

Even though their site does offer faxing as an option, I’d suggest maybe sending an email or a letter. Faxing is now filed in my memory along with telegraphy and carrier pigeons. :smiley:


It’s on PDF guide they are offering there is a fax number they are saying for those who want to apply by fax to send the IRS form out.

Well, that promise is obviously not worth the PDF it’s written on. :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t actually find email for the IRS, Where I Should email them ?

The email contact for IRS is generally onlyk for comments or website problems.

All other matters are supposed to be handled in person or over the phone with an actual specialist.

But here you go -

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Thanks for such a great help.

should I apply for EIN by Mail ? Even when it’s taking much time … !

I would call them during their hours. They are much more knowledgeable than a bunch of geeks/nerds (compliment!) on a web developer forum.

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I would go one step further and go to your local IRS office in person.

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Call them and you can have it right away!

Calling IRS put you in hold like 2 hours … :frowning:

I get the information thanks.

they told me to send document by mail as must be signed original.

and find out that the mail is P.O.BOX

A lot of businesses have PO boxes - some dodgy, many not.
As I said previously, go to your local office in person.
True, you may still end up waiting a while, but if you had done so when I last posted that suggestion, you would be all set for a long time now.

I think you are right,

Thanks but the thing is I am not in the state that business registered in, they suggested to send it via express mail.

I am not sure why fax option isn’t available it would be a time saver.

Thanks for you all.

US Government offices are weird like that. For example many won’t even do emails let alone FAX.

If they said you should do it by snail mail then I guess you should do it and be patient. And be prepared to do it again.

Unfortunately if you want to play their game you need to go by their rules, both known and unknown.

Believe me, I have been perturbed by “red tape” and inefficiency problems more than once. You just need to be persistent.

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