Truncate table

$mysql_query="TRUNCATE TABLE myTable";

I tried to use the code above for truncate myTable.
As I open the page with a browser expecting all data in myTable is gone, but all records in myTable still in the table.
How should I use the code “truncate”?

I switched your topic to the databases section. You might get a better response there.

Show us the rest of your code, because something’s amiss.

Also, verify your database account has the DROP permission.

I think, you have no grant on this action.

$mysql_query="TRUNCATE TABLE `myTable` ";

The above doesn’t work either

How can I give grant on the action?


You should to set GRANT ALL or at least GRANT DROP

UPD And here you just can check grants you have.

Because TRUNCATE TABLE is equivalent in operation to DROP TABLE ... ; CREATE TABLE ...;, the account doing the truncating must have the rights to execute those operations in your database.

You can investigate what permissions the account has by issuing a SHOW GRANTS query.

If you dont see either “ALL” or “CREATE,DROP” in the response, your account does not have sufficient privilege to execute the command.

GRANT CREATE,DROP ON mydbname.* TO 'myusername'@'myhost', replacing mydbname, myusername, and myhost with the correct values.
(Note that the user issuing this command must themselves have privileges to grant privileges to said database.)

Aside from all the above. STOP using obsolete Mysql_* code. It has been completely removed from Php. Use PDO.

To be fair, it’s a variable name, not a function call, but yes. If you ARE using the old mysql_ functions, dont.

Your right. I saw mysql_query and went blind.

Perhaps that’s the problem, the OP is defining the variable with an equal-sign when they intended to use the (old) function with the string in brackets.

Without knowing whatever error message(s) there may be, one can only guess.

So far:

  • lack of DROP permission
  • missing mysql_ support

Other potential reasons I can think of:

  • the query itself is OK, but there is a problem with the (assumed) PHP code that hasn’t been provided
  • there are FK restraints preventing the TRUNCATE
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