To restore the records of a table after truncating the table

I am using XAMPP in Windows.

I have a database named “DB07”.
The DB09 has 9 tables.
This morning I wanted to truncate a table named “table06”.
I accidently did truncate a table named “table07” instead of “table 06” using phpMyAdmin.
There were thousands of records in “table07”.
Now there is no record in “table07”.
Can I resore the all records which were in “table07” with your help?

On the way of trying to restore the records in “table07”
I found the following

Unfortunately, if you have no backup, there’s nothing to restore :frowning:

Simply restore it from your back-up.
You do have a back-up, right?
If you don’t, I’m sure you will always keep one in the future. :wink:

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