True or False

False I got too much sleep at wrong time.

Next person is not thinking at the moment.

[FONT=“Georgia”]True. I do most things without thought.

The next person is up way passed their bed-time.[/FONT]

False Because I do not know when that should be?.!?

Just made a horrible mistake.

False, because i dont know what you mean :D.

Next person will have 100+ posts.

true, last time I checked.

eggnog = happiness ^2

You messed up^

Next person will be grouchy from lack of sleep.


Next person will be hungry :smiley:

False, I ate 2 hours ago :smiley:
Next person brushed their teeth today.


The next person has a tattoo


the next person has a wife and a lover :wink:

false :frowning:

Next person plays croquet in their spare time whilst sipping a cup of tea with friends, before frolicking in the meadows.

false :shifty:

next person is also smothered with the flu :sick:


Next person will just sail into the sunset :nod:

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false…im too sick :sick:

next person also has a brand new avatar for the new year :weee:

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False… should I? :shifty:

The next person is already in 2007

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next person is already planning next christmas :weee:

yes you should php :smiley:

true … I reviewed the previous season in my web business and set down plans for next year, how to make it better and more what the customers have indicated as liking.

next person likes to drink beer all day long :lol:

False :shifty:

The next person eats nothing but pizza

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don’t like the lil football? :frowning:

True, sometimes.

Next person wishes for it to rain money! (Like that TV commercial from the lottery :p)

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I like it :slight_smile: (php_daemon’s avatar)

False, easy money destroys lives :frowning:

The next person sleeps only once a week.

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Thanks Vlad. :slight_smile: It’s an xmas avatar though, I’ll switch back to an old one soon, which is the same lil football only without all the tinsel.