Trouble fetching checkbox and radio fields with PyPDF2

My project involves reading text from a bunch of PDF form files for which I’m using PyPDF2 open source library. There is no issue in getting the text data as follows:

reader = PdfReader("data/test.pdf")
cnt = len(reader.pages)
print("reading pdf (%d pages)" % cnt)
page = reader.pages[cnt-1]
lines = page.extract_text().splitlines()
print("%d lines extracted..." % len(lines))

However, this text doesn’t contain the checked statuses of the radio and checkboxes. I just get normal text (like “Yes No” for example) instead of these values.

I also tried the reader.get_fields() and reader.get_form_text_fields() methods as described in their documentation but they return empty values. I also tried reading it through annotations but no "/Annots" found on the page. When I open the PDF in a notepad++ to see its meta data, this is what I get:

%Generated by ExpertPdf v9.2.2

It appears to me that these checkboxes aren’t usual form fields used in PDF but appear similar to HTML elements. Is there any way to extract these fields using python?

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