Transit of Venus, June 5 2012

materials needed: cheap ass binoculars, piece of cardboard, park bench, and someone to take the picture for me with my cheap ass camera


Nice work, Rudy!

This is so cool and because it may be a once-in-a-lifetime event, I feel justified in saying “Thanks for sharing this.” I had to look up transit of Venus to be sure it was what I thought it was. For those who haven’t looked it up or don’t know, it’s similar to a lunar eclipse. Although Venus is much larger than our moon, because of its distance from the Earth, it looks much smaller than the moon as it glides across the sun.

This video explains why the transits occur in pairs 113 years apart

They aren’t all exactly 113 years apart. The next one will be in 2117… 105 years from this year. The video you linked has an error as the narrator says “2017” but that is incorrect. At any rate, if you go to You Tube and search for transit of venus, you’ll find a galaxy of information (well not quite a galaxy, but lots of it)

No, a solar system … :lol:

The 2117 transit is exactly 113 years after the 2004 transit. The 2125 transit will be exactly 113 years after the 2012 transit. The pairs are not all 113 years apart though - they alternate between 113 and 130 years with four transits in any 243 year period.

First Series: 1631 (130 years) 1761 (113 years) 1874 (130 years) 2004 (113 years) 2117
Second series: 1639 (130 years) 1769 (113 years) 1882 (130 years) 2012 (113 years) 2125

Or you could say that they follow a pattern of 8, 105, 8, 122 year intervals.

I settled for watching part of it via one of the live feeds on the internet. I had missed seeing the 2004 transit at all so made sure I saw this one somehow so as to not miss both of the opportunities since a transit of Venus is only a twice in a lifetime opportunity (for those forunate enough to not fall into either the 105 or 122 year gaps between the pairs).

as i said, cheap ass equipment, impromptu setup… but i’m really happy with the result

hand held binoculars, shaky, poorly focussed… camera on autofocus so that’s not so hot either… and i still managed to capture three sunspots in that image!!!

(yeah, you have to look carefully, but if you’ve seen other images of the transit you’ll know where they are, a triangle right in the middle)

i don’t often boast but i’m pretty chuffed that i was able to do what i set out to do, get an image of venus, any image at all, and i thank his noodly majesty for parting the clouds here in toronto long enough for me

and i’m certainly going to have better equipment for the next one !!!


I think you have every reason to be chuffed. :slight_smile: That’s a pretty impressive image, and yes, I can see the sunspots.

Great job Rudy.

You certainly have some time to prepare yourself :smiley:

Show off. :slight_smile:

yup, this time, yes :slight_smile:

According to astrology venus is the planet of love and passion. Its transit affects our relationships in life.

How so? For better or worse?

Now that’s pretty interesting. I never thought (well, not really “never”) that someone would actually say this here. In addition to Linda’s question, can you share us some of your experiences that may have been caused by the transit of Venus?

Glad I saw such a thing. It is a one time event. So be happy, you won’t see this again…