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I’m worried about the future of the website. If it grows and we need to rebuild it, can we transfer the domain?

Is it possible to transfer a domain bought on
If I buy a domain through sitebuilder, who is the owner and what is the email associated with the domain?

Thank you!

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This discussion might help:

How to transfer a domain from sitebuilder


Thank you for your reply.

I’ve read that. It doesn’t help because on that thread, the domain was not registered on sitebuilder, I believe.
Also, it doesn’t answer the question about the email and ownership.

Well, you can establish the ownership by using the domain tools link suggested in the other thread. That will show you the registration details. Depending on the domain type, it will probably also show you the associated e-mail address.

Ok, so it’s always possible to obtain ownership of a domain bought on sitebuilder and eventually transfer it to some other place, right?

Thank you!

If the domain was bought on sitebuilder, but is registered to the client, then you should be able to transfer the domain to another registrar without a problem.

What does “is registered to the client” mean? Is it a checkbox that I can click so that the domain is registered to the client?

Sorry about the detail, I just want to be sure and give the correct orientations to my client.

Thank you again.

Have you checked the Whois details for the domain?

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Look up the registration details.

On that page, scroll down to “registrant name”. Is it your client, or is it

The domain doesn’t exist yet. My question is about the domain registering process whithin sitebuilder.

Sorry, I hadn’t realised that.

If you register and pay for a domain, it should be registered to you/your client.

If you take advantage of a “free domain” offer, it appears that will register that in the customer’s name, but it would be worth confirming with them first. Some companies register “free” domains to themselves.

Free Domain Entitlement. Free domains are registered on annual intervals on the customer behalf, and will be renewed on annual basis for the lifetime of an account. If a Free domain has been redeemed as part of a website Upgrade and an early cancellation request has been received, Site Builder will deduct the cost of the domain $19.95 from any amount that is eligible for refund. If the refund amount is less than the cost of the domain, Site Builder will not issue any refund to the customer.

The terms! Forgot to check that.

Thanks, I think I have been answered!

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