How to transfer a domain from sitebuilder

A client I am working with attempted to make their website on, and bought the domain on there. After seeing what they need I am building it from scratch and probably hosting it on 123reg, is there a way I can transfer the domain from them?

Is the domain registered in your client’s name, or is it registered to Sitebuilder?

Not so sure, when you log into sitebuilder on his account it is there in purchased domains. There is no option to transfer it or anything. I would assume it is registered to sitebuilder as he bought it from them on their website.

Edit: He didn’t get an email from Nominet UK (Which you usually do when buying a UK domain) which is how I transfer my domains.

Look up the “whois” to see who the domain is registered to.

That’s a nice tool, haven’t seen that before.

Looks like it is registered to him, on Nominet.

I guess it should be as simple as making an account on Nominet and transferring it?

OK, if he’s the registrant, and it’s a .uk domain, you shouldn’t have any problems. He should be able to transfer the domain to another registrar through, or, if they’re being awkward, he can do it through Nominet, but they make a small charge for the service. (£10 + VAT, IIRC, last time I used it.)

But as I believe we explained to you elsewhere, you don’t need to have the domain registered with the hosting company.

Thank you, I had read in a few places that sites like this are a bit tricky to transfer domains from. I will try and do it with sitebuilder then.

We would just like to keep it simple and on one account for now, until I get my heart internet hosting done.

I have been told that they cannot transfer it in the first 60 days, which would mean I would have to wait around 35 days. Is there any possible way I can speed that up? Or is that something they can’t do?

That may be correct, although I had some vague notion that that applied to .com domains, not .uk domains. I had a quick look on Nominet and didn’t see anything about such a restriction - although that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

I would suggest you log in to the Nominet account for the domain and see if it’s available to transfer there. If so, paying the fee and doing it through them would probably be the easiest option.

Alternatively, you could e-mail Nominet and ask them to confirm there is a 60 day waiting period. If they agree there is, then you’ll know there’s nothing you can do. If they say there isn’t, you could point this out to and see if it changes their response.

Unless, of course, the 60 day period is in Sitebuilder’s T&C, in which case, I’d say you’re pretty much stuck with waiting it out.

I just emailed nominet on the issue.

One of the main problems is that he somehow didn’t get an email from nominet when he made the domain, and when I tried to make an account with the logging in for the first time feature, with the email he used, he didn’t get any reply (It has been over 24h, doubt its a fault).

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