Is transcription of videos legal?

Say I run a blog about dog training and I find a great dog training video on youtube that I would like to embed in a blog post.

Can I have this third party transciped and put the transcription (for SEO purposes) just below the video in my post. Is this legal or would I have a copyright issue?

It should be fine.

If you use an auto transcription service or software, just review the output, since some of the results provided by these auto services can be very poor, and if it is low quality it could be harmful.

Really? Why? Isn’t there something called copyright?

Youtube allows you to post the video on your site, so I do not believe there is any copyright violation if you transcribe the video under it too.

To be sure, you should check YouTube’s terms of service, but since they allow you to post the video and as long as you are giving credit to YouTube I would not think there would be a violation if you transcribed it also.

you should get permissions for video owner. the video on youtube is belong to video owner (uploader) not belong to youtbe.

Just because the owner of the video allows you to display it on your site doesn’t mean that you have permission to add a transcription of it. That would require separate permission. Once you have permission from the owner THEN it is legal.

[FONT=verdana]I don’t see how there can be any doubt about this. If you transcribe a video , and then publish the transcript with the owner’s permission, then it is clearly a breach of copyright.




I’m sure you meant “without” there, didn’t you?[/FONT]


Well spotted, TechnoBear. Thanks.


Thank you all for sharing. I guess I’ll just make sure to ask for permission before transciping any third party videos.

No, there is no copy write issue if your content is unique and useful for the others so your blog not face any kind of problems. Today most of the peoples wants to train their doggies, so for those peoples your blog very helpful. And video is also very good thing of providing best services to the visitors. Even if you do anything on your blog about SEO purpose it does not effect on your blog but it is must that it is not spammy.