Traffic from Social Media

If you only submit your website in social media means that is not well for collect the should do daily activities in social media like sharing good information with great content regarding your business or website,video sharing to your friend circles.Joining community and groups.

its depend on your market not all market succeed with social but you can give a try. better think is to build a back link to your site using your primary keyword…

hi dear : if you using facebook or twitter or or the content is the king
2_ pinterest is great social site cauze seo google love it and if you have good account and boards you maybe in the first page in search engines
3_google + great in forums & hangouts
wish that may help

You just need to prmote your blogs and articles through Social Media Optimization(SMO) and do the submission in high pr Social Bookmarking site for more traffic.

You should write unique content and articles and post your blogs on social networking sites like twitter and facebook aftrer that u will be able to generate traffic.

I agreed with 360DC
Nowadays is hard to make a competition, even if your content of niche is good as hell.

Buzzbundle is actually pretty great website…you should check it out…it’d really be very beneficial for you…

Traffic from social media is Getting or a new blog or website can be so hard if you are depending only on search engines. Proper search engine optimization necessitates a great deal of skill and time. Hence, you should think of other means that can help you boost website traffic. One of these is the use of a discovery engine. This is a kind of search engine on the Web that recommends content to its users… It require quality content and keyword linkbuilding for increment in traffic…

You need to get an active following, then develop personal relationships and then you will start to generate traffic, you need to keep the users engaged!

publish current trending topics you can get more traffic from social media sites

Have you tried following people, retweeting people, interacting with people, liking other peoples pages? All these sorts of things are vital for “Social” media.

Dumping a load of links onto your social stream is not exactly the way to be going. You need to interact as you may not be a large successful online magazine that gets hundreds of retweets per posts - it takes time and being social.

Yes stumbleupon is good site.You can use twitter,facebook and apsense for more traffic.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, G+ can bring you traffic if you have many people in your circle who show interest in your sharing.
To get more traffic you can use social bookmarking sites like stumble, pinterest, youmob, rockzi, delicious, chime etc.

Social media provides a way to businesses to promote their product and services.Social media helps to market your business and services through social media sites like twitter, facebook, google+, linkedin, youtube etc. You should create informative and content rich blogs and articles related to your business and share on social networking sites. Traffic will increase through social networking websites, disscussions, blog comments.

Social Media is the biggest platform for website promotion and good chance to get good number of traffic. It is absolutely true that now competition is too high. So we just follow few guidelines & process to increase traffic. There are ways in which you can get good traffic to your site by using social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg are the popular social networking sites.

Account creation with these social networking sites to increase traffic to your website.
Build your friends list and share information with them. Keep it in your mind that always post important news that are related to your business and services. Once we have just started post on these Social networking websites, post on regular basis. Another important thing is that we don’t post only content or link and also images, interesting videos etc.

Few other things are that we can create and join groups and communities which are the great sources to get good traffic. Use hashtags on the popular networks - Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc.

I think you can follow these techniques while promoting your website in social networking sites. There are so many companies who provide Social Media service. I can recommend you a company, named You can contact them and know more uses of Social Media.

After google big updates like panda and penguine, social media is get popular for getting traffic
It is one of the best technique to get traffic. you have to provide unique content and post it in popular social media sites.
It is the best way of getting traffic, You have to attract the visitors with the content.

Google+ really great community as many groups out there be sure to participate and share your post add people in your circle so it will make you engaged and generate you traffic

create unique content or post and submitor sharing social website like facebook, linkdin, twitter and google + . you can get more traffic for your website.

Forget about do follow & Nofollow links in social media. Just sharing your posted content link on social sites will not help you in anything. you should be more active on those sites. reply for users query related to your business and give link to them if you have written any post related to their queries. Use hashtags to find your business discussions and participate on that and increase your business trust.

It all depends on what you share online. People on social sites are for social networking and make good online friends, they’ve really not registered to read your posts and visit your website unless you have something interesting for them to offer.

If you really want people to visit your website then post some interesting stuff, run a contest, ask people to take action on your website and in return they’ll get something, etc, etc,