Tourism Website Help


I really need some help about a tourism website. I know there are so many website which are really interactive like

Even I have seen some how they are getting live data feed of Hotels rate and packages even the rates of flights (may be they are getting these from web services)

My question is there any way to incorporate tourism website and its services with wordpress?

or is there any other CMS script which can do something like ???

Where do they get live data of airline rates? how they do the booking of hotels? How they get rates of hotels? is there any API?

Please let me know, I really need help on this issue.


most of these sites are custom made. Although I believe u can edit a link directory script to store information about hotels

A kinetic said, the Thomson site is probably custom made.

However, there are a few ways to set up such a site.

Option 1 - XML feeds
Many hotels and hotel chains have affiliate programs through which they offer XML feeds so that publishers can pull their pricing data into sites like Thomson.

Option 2 - Industry technology
There are companies that offer the technology that a lot of hotel and holiday companies and airlines use for their back-ends which you can pay to be a member of and use - integrating the content into your site.

Option 3 - Scraping.
You build a bot that scrapes the content directly from each holiday/hotel/airline company, and then packages it into XML or any other content format you need in your own database. Something like Yahoo Pipes will let you do this just like a variety of other options. However do note that some companies do not like this being done and you may be breaching copyright law and each company’s TOS (and there have been lawsuits over such technology), so it would be best to ask first.