Total Newbie needing some help with HTML code to alternate images

Hello there, I have never done any kind of web design before.

I need to create a very simple web page that just displays an image, and then after 5 seconds, switches to another image.

These images will be shown on plasma screens with Exterity boxes attached to them, they have a very very basic built in browser so any fancy java scripts etc are out of the window.

So in short, I just need html code to load an image
wait 5 seconds, switch to 2nd image, wait 5 seconds, switch to 3rd image …etc etc
5 images in total. After 5th image, go back to start.

No user intervention at all (so no fancy start, stop, next, previous buttons required)

Please help, I know nothing of html coding, I have been tasked with getting this up and working and I am pulling out what little hair I have left.

You would make an old man very very happy :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance.
Mark P.

Well I doubt this will be possible with html alone. But if javascript is out of the question, you can make a slideshow with css animations, assuming the “basic built in browser” supports css3.

Failing that, you would have to make the slideshow into a video file and simply play that on the page.

It could be done with a page per image, each with a refresh in the head, but that’s not an elegant solution.
I would go with the css anim if possible.


As long as the images are in the html to start with then you can use CSS keyframe animation to switch between them.

Here’s the basic example.


Thanks PaulOB,

I used the CodePen website to download call the necessary JS and CSS config files etc, modified HTML file to point to correct jpg files.

Tested on the server and on a PC and it worked just beautifully, but unfortunately through the Exterity IPTV boxes it didn’t work. I don’t know exactly which browser those boxes use, but what ever it is, it doesn’t support Java Script or CSS.

Time for Plan B or C now, either a media box with jpg’s on connected to plasma or images directly onto a USB drive plugged in to screen and run as a slideshow that way. Didn’t want to go down this route as it requires manual intervention, but, at least it will have the desired effect.

Thanks, very grateful for all your help, time and input.

Mark Painting

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If the images are always the same 5 images then you could create an ‘animated gif’ of the 5 images.

Well, I thought, what a brilliant and simple answer. Why did I not think of this is the first place !!!

Uploaded my images, created the animated gif, tested it on PC and server, worked perfectly fine. Applied changes to box, guess what? It didn’t work. They don’t even appear to support animated gifs !!! grrrrr

Never, ever, use Exterity idaptor HD Receiver Pro IDAPT-HPJ !!! Total rubbish !!!

Off to the shops to buy me a cheap WDTV media box !!!

Thanks again for your time and effort PaulOB, and a very simple solution to a problem I appear to have been over complicating, but still foxed by the box.

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I suppose I should advise at this point that other media boxes are available for purchase.



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