Top Web Design Companies?

I didn’t know where to post this topic, so my apologies if I posted it in the wrong place.

We are currently looking to hire a web design company to design and develop a current project of ours.

I am posting this topic purely to get some community input on what web design companies you’d recommend to create a 5 star website.

We are not concerned about price, we are concerned about the companies skills, experience, etc.

If you know of any good web design companies who have produced top notch web design, please post a link to their portfolio as I really want to find a company to work for us, whom know what they are doing and can do it exactly how we want it.


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Probably best off posting in the Marketplace Kyle. It’s a more targeted audience than on the main forums.

You may also be interested to know that SitePoint also have a design branch: :wink: