Too many AJAX Queries


If have the following situation:

I’m using a gallery slideshow. The presenter logs in and starts flipping through. The guests login separately. However, when the presenter clicks to view the next slide, the guests slide should automatically turn to that slide as well.

I have thought about using a setInterval to check the server every ten seconds. However, this would put a good amount of burden on the database server, especially when there are more than six guests.

1 - Am I right that it would put a great deal of burden on the database server?
2 - Is there a better way of going about this?

Please let me know your thoughts

Whether or not this will put a lot of load on your database server depends on your database server and the number of requests your are receiving. Generally speaking though, I would not say that this is an excessive amount of load. Many chat applications do this same type of polling at a much higher rate.

The only better way to sync multiple web pages is to use Comet/Long-Polling with a publish/subscribe mechanism. This however does add a lot of complexity to your application.

Thank you that helps.