Tips when using OpenCart and Wordpress together

Hi, I’m just in the process of building an eCommerce site using OpenCart and would really like to somehow use WordPress within the same domain;

For example if my eCommerce site was, the blog would appear under

I’m perfectly happy with setting up new instances of OpenCart and WordPress, I was just wondering if anyone else had done this before and if they could offer any advice in terms of the best way of doing this, or any plugins that I could use which would make it easier/better.



Are you looking to share any databases / information between the two or merely have them cross linked on one domain? If the later, simply create a sub-folder /blog/ and install wordpress to it. There shouldn’t be any issues doing so.

Thanks for the quick reply Ted.

My most basic wish is to have them cross linked on one domain - which is quite easy to do.

However to gain the most benefit out of having them both on the same domain I was wondering how I could go about pulling post information out of WordPress and showing it on my OpenCart home page. Maybe having a section on the home page where it shows a list of the 5 most recent posts?

that’s the forum thread where i found it.
I am interested to integrate opencart to wordpress rather than wordpress to opencart, but i haven’t found an extension which would make this integration possible.

hope it helps

Sounds like not simple thing to do. Requires some PHP skills and knowledge of both platforms.
I would look for ecommerce solution that already have features that you need, rather do complex integration.

Keep in mind that after you change code base of both platforms, you might not be a able to upgrade easily in the future.

Ofcause, all this subjective to what you trying to do and what skills or help you have.

If you mention what features you need out of wordpress to be in your ecommece, I will try to suggest something.

I do have wordpress and opencart on same domain, but wpopencart does not work as intended. instead i repost the wordpress posts in opencart through news/blog module. the module is free and works good.