This Week in JavaScript - 26 September 2016

Hello and welcome to This Week in JavaScript, our lovingly curated collection of links relating to what’s new and exciting in the world of JS. The complete list is tagged jsweekly. (Don’t forget to check out our weekly .NET and front end roundups too!)

And now for this week’s JavaScript finds …

Getting Started

Learning More

  • The path of software development craftsmanship - If you want to be a great software developer, without doubt you should constantly master trending technologies (like React, Redux, Angular), and put the same amount of effort to learn regularly fundamentals like algorithms, data structures, the principles of writing scaling and clean code.
  • Slaying a UI antipattern in Fantasyland - An elegant solution using Elm’s algebraic type system can be approached by using functional Fantasyland libraries like folktale and daggy.
  • How to use Webpack for killer refactoring - How to use webpack to handle refactoring on a small Backbone.js application.


  • Particles.js - A lot of tiny particles moving around and interacting with each other or with you have a certain appeal to them. If you are ever in a situation where you need to work with a lot of particles, Particles.js will serve you well.
  • Chnl - Need something with a lot of audio effects integrated which can be manipulated in many different aspects? Can be used this in many different ways: every native AudioNode can connect to it as it would be a normal AudioNode, and also other Chnls should be able to connect to another Chnl so you can simply and intuitively create audio graphs with a set of effects.
  • Bubble animation layout - Add some bubbles to your app.
  • pure-object - Create objects with no inherited prototype




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I just tried Thimble using an iPad Mini and it is fantastic, so much better than many others.

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