This Week in JavaScript 19 October 2015

Hello and welcome to the first of my ‘This Week in JavaScript’ posts — as always a lovingly curated collection of links relating to what’s new and exciting in the world of JS. The complete list is tagged jsweekly. (Don’t forget to check out our weekly .NET and front end roundups too!)

I would of course like to thank @James_Hibbard for his efforts here, and for leaving me awfully big boots to fill. On the shoulders of giants, etc, etc…

And now for this week’s finds …

Validate.JS version 0.9.0 is released: Validate.js provides a declarative way of validating javascript objects
SmartcropJS: - SmartcropJS provides ‘content aware’ image cropping
LJSON: JSON extended with pure functions.
ElixirScript: A library to convert a subset (or full set) of Elixir code to JavaScript, providing the ability to write JavaScript in Elixir.

ES6 interactive guide: From Formidable Labs
ES6 Overview in 350 Bullet Points: The longest bullet point list on ES6 in the world ever… - Authoring JavaScript modules with ES6 also by Jack Franklin
CRUD.js to ES6: Hugo Giraudel moves his CRUD.js lib to ES6 and provides some tests

####Pick 'n Mix
‘The Wrong FizzBuzz’: sbichenko unravels its true essence.
‘The state of front end tooling’: Jack Franklin looks at where tools are today
Firefox Nightly 44: Breaking changes in let and const from Mozilla
Build a Kanban board mobile application: How to Build a Kanban board mobile application with AllcountJS and Ionic
A Simple Challenge to Classical Inheritance: Eric Elliott expands on his thinking on ‘class inheritance’
Trump on JavaScript: Somehow, I don’t see this getting a library…
Sitepoint Articles: A Beginner’s Guide to Currying in Functional JavaScript
Sitepoint Articles: Understanding PhantomJS

NodeJS Optimisation: Advice by Julien Crouzet
Bridging in React Native: An in-depth look into React Native’s core by Tadeu Zagallo
Node.js v4.2.0 “Argon”: - NodeJS announce their first release covered under their new Long Term Support plan!
MyBridge: Offers a curation of ReactJS resources
Vorpal: Node’s first framework for building interactive CLI applications.
Ottoman.js: A Node.js ODM for Couchbase
Stop Using React for Everything: - Zack Argyle implores devs to consider all options
Mancy: A cross platform JavaScript REPL application based on Electron and React

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Please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue or if there is anything you would like to see featured. Paul and chrisofarabia.


Great job @chrisofarabia, it’s no small feat for someone to come on so quickly. You’ve taken up the reins well. The process from here on out is just to find easier ways to achieve the same results :slight_smile:

Rest up for this week, you’ve well deserved it!


Great job, Chris. I really liked Trump on JavaScript : )

Also, that ES6 interactive guide is pretty nifty.

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