This Week in JavaScript - 23 January 2017

Hello and welcome to This Week in JavaScript, our lovingly curated collection
of links relating to what’s new and exciting in the world of JS. The complete list is tagged jsweekly. (Don’t forget to check out our weekly .NET and front end roundups too!)

And now for this week’s JavaScript finds …

Getting Started

Learning More


  • Dexterous - Mixed local and remote objects in less than 10 lines.
  • Json-validity - Fast and simple JSON validator.
  • Mitt - Tiny 200b functional event emitter / pubsub.
  • highcharts-config - Declarative Highcharts configuration builder with an immutable, chainable API.




  • How to animate your angular application - Angular’s animation system lets you build animations that run with the same kind of native performance found in pure CSS animations. You can also tightly integrate your animation logic with the rest of your application code, for ease of control.
  • Angular-2 module and route structures - It is important to create both modules and routes with good, clean separation of concerns in mind.

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