This Week in JavaScript - 19 May 2014

Welcome to your weekly update of JavaScript news and goodies.

Top of the Hour

Introducing the WebKit FTL JIT - Overview of the WebKit JavaScript Engine
Google gets on Dart soapbox, demos move from JavaScript
Facebook: MVC Does Not Scale, Use Flux Instead
Working With Intl - ECMAScript’s New Internationalization API
Building a RESTful API With Node

Watching / Listening

.NET Rocks Podcast 982 - The Better Parts with Doug Crockford
Using npm link in Node.js - work with local npm modules elegantly
Hardware Hacking for JS Developers - with JavaScript Jabber regular: Jamison Dance
Live Coding an Ember.js Application
JavaScript Jabber 108: AngularJS with Igor Minar (Teamleader on AngularJS)

Cool Stuff

brain.js - train a neural network to recognize color contrast
Realistic terrain in 130 lines of JavaScript
Emulating a BBC Micro in Javascript
Is it possible to apply CSS to half of a character?
Parallax Done Right


JSbooks - great free JavaScript resources
Links that help with front end web development
jQuery with CoffeeScript
The non-blocking JavaScript loader pattern - A great refresher
10 Articles Every Programmer Must Read - cuz I just love lists

So what are your thoughts on the latest going-ons in the world of JavaScript? Is emulating a BBC Micro cool? What was your first computer? Mine was a ZX Spectrum 48k+

Please PM us if you have anything of interest for the next issue, and happy reading! - Paul & [URL=“”]Pullo

Hooray I can program again:)

I loved BBC basic (defproc and endproc instead of goto and gosub).

What was your first computer? Mine was a ZX Spectrum 48k+

ZX81 with a whole 1k ram (and you could run a flight simulator on this (although you may have needed the 16k extension - I can’t remember exactly).

Yeah me, too.
I got my computer studies GCSE using a BBC Micro.
I can remember using it to simulate a set of traffic lights and my pièce de résistance was a program which predicted football results (it didn’t actually work, but hey …)

Wow, I remember that!
There were so many cool games out back then, such as Sabre Wulf and [URL=“”]Pyjamarama.
Did you ever play those?

I remember playing space invaders on the zx81. I tried to write my own using zx81 basic but I think I peeked when I should have poked :slight_smile:

Ah, the good old days of typing out masses and masses of numbers from “Your Sinclair” or some such mag and hoping it worked …

lol - yes I did that a few times before I bought a cassette player to load a game. I remember typing about 5 pages of numbers to get Tron to run on the BBC and then spending a week checking why it didn’t work because of a mistyped number.