This Week in JavaScript - 11 May 2014

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Designers And Developers: No Longer A House Divided
Notes On Client-Rendered Accessibility
Form Inputs: The Browser Support Issue You Didn’t Know You Had
Rise of the Transpilers by Jeremy Ashkenas (Video)
We Tested How Googlebot Crawls JavaScript And Here’s What We Learned

Learning more

A re-introduction to JavaScript
Polyfill for Array.prototype.fill
Polyfill for Array.prototype.copyWithin
Revealing the Inner Workings of JavaScript’s ‘this’ Keyword


The abundance of javascript libraries
Burger: A Minimal Hamburger Menu with Fullscreen Navigation
Dragula: Drag and drop so simple it hurts
The Epic, Awesome & Supremely Useful Data Attribute
Show EJS: display TeX math with react-katex
Space.js: HTML-driven narrative 3D scrolling
Echoes Player new version based on AngularJS


Using angular ui-layout
The Core Concepts of Angular 2
Stay on 1.3 or Move to NEW ANGULAR 2.0?
jsblocks: A better JavaScript MV-ish framework
Creating a Bucket List App with Ionic and Firebase – Part 2
Real-time weather in Unity


Play minesweeper and explore React immutability
React 0.13.x and Autobinding
React Component Playground, React Native Fish
Using webpack to build React components and their assets
Best practices for building large React applications


Mozilla - ES6 in depth
xto6: Modernize your JavaScript code
ES6 - generators
ES6 Feature Tests
Understanding ECMAScript 6: Template Strings


Cucumber.js extension with promises and timeouts
Modern JavaScript Libraries: The Isomorphic Way

End note

Last week I received the test results from Mensa and have been surprised to find that I passed.
I think I got lucky though. They were using a culture-fair IQ test inspired by Raven’s advanced progressive matrices
Here’s a purportedly accurate IQ test that uses Raven’s matrices - how well do you do?

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I wasted a couple of minutes answering the same questions twice, as I had (erroneously) assumed that it would flip between my unanswered questions once the end of the test was reached.

Pics, or it didn’t happen.

Well done. I got 128 a few days ago, but Mensa have accepted my test results from a real-world test a few weeks ago and I’m a fully subscribed member with them now, so I think that I got lucky.

Cheers : )

I was always a bit sceptical of these online tests (although this one seems relatively serious). Where did you take your test?

When enough people show interest, they do a local test. In my case we met in a local library room to find it completely empty, no tables or chairs set up. The table sides were hinged at the rear corners, when when spread out allowed the tabletop to fold down to the ground. Putting those together to form tables once again we joked was our first Mensa challenge.

Our test was to complete two out of a three part test just like Raven’s matrices, within a limited amount of time.

Wow. Cool. So now you’re a card carrying Mensa member?
I had thought of applying in passing, out of interest if nothing else, but it became one of those things I never got round to doing.

It was a scary process. What if I didn’t get through? For example.
Fortunately you can retake it as often as you like at no extra cost, which on success becomes your first years’s membership fee.

Fortunately I got it on the first try. I suggest that you put yourself down for being tested. You might very well be surprised.

That took me the full 39ish minutes. Difficult test.

True. It helps to skip the ones you don’t know then come back to them. That sometimes makes the pattern more obvious.

Aren’t you meant to be at work?
: )

That’s why it took me the full 39 minutes :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I’m disappointed that I didn’t score as high as Jim, although I guess that disproves the theory that too much alcohol kills off brain cells! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You never heard of the buffalo theory?


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