Think of the Possibilities!

If you could be anything, time and money being no objective, what would you be?? The sky’s the limit!

I think i’d like to be a best selling author… like J.K. Rowling. Write something that becomes a true phenomenon. sigh…:lol:

video game designer & developer.

sometime wealth make life happy some time not

I’d be me.

I’d be me as well :).

i’d be you as well :slight_smile:

I’d be the sky if that’s the real limit… or maybe I’d be outer space, simply to prove that there are no limits :smiley:

I’d be me too. But richer, and smarter, and more beautiful, and… :smiley:

Hmm… i expected some creative answers! But i suppose it’s a good thing that you all want to be you- but better versions of you! Right on :slight_smile:

Well I’ve always said I wish I was Bill Gates. But I’d also want to be Severus Snape from the Harry Potter book series…And also Magneto from the X-Men comics.

Or, I can just be myself. :slight_smile:

Happy, healthy and have enough money so I can live comfortably without no worries for the rest of my life.

Actually, it is good that people are happy with themselves. I think that’s a healthy attitude :slight_smile:

I’d like to have a house in every country of the world. Then I start living in one country then another, switching every year or two!

If i have a shot, I’d be Winston Churchill. I say so because i am an Indian. Winston Churchill had said before the Independence to India some things which i would never forget. He talked about corruption and how granting freedom to India would ruin the country. He talked about the politicians in India. If i was him, i would have reversed this decision upfront. Just saying.

This thread reminds me Kurt Cobain wordings - Wanna be someone else is waste of time…So…I would be me :stuck_out_tongue:

If the sky is truly the limit with this one, then I’d be some sort of embodiment of extra dimensional power capable of creating transient pocket dimensions where the very laws of physics accommodate my mere thoughts. The idea of material would be nonsense as the fabric constituting this world would be like clay for my shaping; I would be one with the multiverse. Nobody would be more powerful then I would be and–oops, I thought I was on


Seriously, I’d love to find a way to be one of the characters in my dreams or video games. That would be so cool. But I’d settle for being someone who never has to worry about money or some whack job pulling a hit-and-run on my car that’s parked right in front of my house…

Time or money are not obstacles for me so I guess I already am what I want to be…

Hope you don’t mind I’m a little bit greedy. First, I would like to be a traveler and have a world tour. Next, I would like to be a farmer and start running a farm. When the farm is running smoothly, I would like to sit down, write some books and have them published.

i think, if i can get i high profile job in india…

id like to have an austronaut uniform go to a McDonalds, order and see the reaction of the people around