Think of the Possibilities!

Would remake all Kurt Cobain songs…

Would buy a football team and enjoy my life at Amsterdam…

Christina Hendricks’ Bra.

Well, to have 30 brand new sports car so that I can use different car everyday going to my 1000-story office… I am sure 1000-story doesn’t reach the sky for

I’d be me as you are you twice the me.

i agree with you. i want also to live a normal life,happy, healthy and have enough money. simple life is the best. dont wish for more or else it will just spoil everything.

There are so many dreams in my eyes but truth is I am a failure. I have nothing in my hand.

I would be a bush pilot in Alaska.

I think I would want to be a famous makeup artist. It would be neat to work with famous people. Be like the lady that invented Bloody Mary Cosmetics.