There are Two Homepages of my Site

Well to be honest I’m still in learning phase as far as SEO is concerned. Recently i was reading an article describing how a single site can have two home pages. For example first one is www(dot)example(dot)com and the second one is www(dot)example(dot)com/index.html which can cause duplicate content problem.

And i was shocked the same example applies on my site as well. My site also has two homepages one is at www(dot)iphone-to-pc(dot)com and the second one is www(dot)iphone-to-pc(dot)com/index.html

Can someone please help me to resolve this issue?

[font=verdana]Our old friend “duplicate content” comes back to haunt us.

Yes, if you have two different URLs pointing to the same page – even though you’ve only got the one page on your server – Google can think they are two different pages and so index them separately, splitting the link juice between the two.

The easiest way round this is the “canonical” tag. Choose the format of the URL that you would prefer Google to use and then put it in the <head> of the page, like this:

<link rel="canonical" href="">

Whenever Google finds that bit of code at a page that it thinks has a different URL, it then knows that the URL it has found is just an alias for [noparse][/noparse] and so considers them to be the same page.

The one thing to be really careful about is that if you create new pages by taking existing ones, stripping out the text and using it as a template, you must make sure that you change the canonical line for each different page, otherwise the home page will be the only one that Google ever indexes![/font]

Ohh! Same problem I have seen in my website. Thanks to stevie. I will tell to my programmer about this problem and resolve it after then I post it what’s the happened… Thanks once again

Thanks Stevie, added above HTML code in the head section of my Homepage. Do i need any redirection as well?

Shouldn’t do, the canonical tag should be enough – it may take a week or three before Google updates its index, but it will get the job done.

Thanks sir for all the help, :slight_smile: