XML sitemap protocol, same home page, 2 different urls

Hey guys, I downloaded the free community book :rofl:, started reading and learned so much… thought I knew what I was doing, been doing it for three years haha.

Anyway, since the base link goes to the homepage of a website I have two urls with the same information on the page, check it out:


My question is, first of all, is this not necessarily good practice? And should I include both in the sitemap.xml file?

You should try focus link juice to one-content = one-page

speading link juice on multiple pages with duplicate content is wasteful.

If you can’t fix it, redirect it or similar, consider making a canonical reference to which you consider the main/true home URL

Be careful as duplicate content is a way to be booted out of searches on the big search engines. They’re really getting tough on keyword stuffing etc.
In Google Analytics there’s a preferred domain check box to tell it to use one as the entrance for the bot.
It happens allot with www. and non www. addresses