Having a horizontal scroll issue on 1024X768

cannot figure this out for the life of me…it’s probably something REAL simple, too…

anyhow, I’m using joomla and basically wrapped my joomla template around a mybb forum…it works and looks pretty good, but once I figured out what was causing a horizontal scroll to the right of the page (the background width was originally set to 1048px), and set the background width to 1000px it fixed the problem, but was causing the page to align on the left side of the page…so I threw in a margin: 0 auto on the background div and now it’s creating a TINY (probably less than 1-2px horizontal scroll)

here’s the css

#bg {
	background: #f5f5f5;
	font: normal 12px Arial, sans-serif;
	width: 1000px;
	margin: 0 auto;
	padding: 0;

here’s the link so you can see it in action:

** remember, it only does it on 1024X768**

any help is appreciated.

The width you had (961px) was the same as the width on #wrap_2.
The problem was that you had #copyright nested in another div, #container, which was nested inside #wrap_2. That #container div had it’s width set to 95% , which is 95% of 961px, #wrap_2’s width. Then you had 20px side paddings set on it too.

The math was not adding up, if you set that width back on #copyright and then set a test BG color you will see that it is overflowing it’s parent which caused your scrollbar.

thanks for that.

I was actually getting it on firefox…not sure why you weren’t.

anyhow…removing the width altogether from the copyright div seemed to fix the problem.

why was that width actually causing a scroll? I guess I’m just trying to see if you can educate me a little bit.

I see what you are talking about in IE but FF does not show it.

It looks like the 961px width on #copyright is the problem, remove the width altogether or recalculate it taking into account all paddings on it’s parent div.