The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

I just bought 2. Edition of this book - I already have 1. Edition but wanted to see what new stuff there was in this apparently expanded version (a lot more pages).

Content wise the 2. Edition itself is probably as good (= very good) as or better than 1. Edition (have only skimmed through it yet), however the visual impression is generally badly imparied by a way to high PDF compression (file size is about 1/4 of the size of 1. Edition…). As the book itself is focused on beauty, this seems even more conspicuous, not least if you have 1. Edition to compare with.

I’ve attached a few examples. Note the strawberries where the picture has been updated so the difference in compression between the berries is much smaller now, however the heavy compression of the picture itself - irronically - almost spoils the difference it’s supposed to illustrate (besides, other things being equal, the picture from 1. Edition illustrates the problem much better anyway, IMO).

The worst picture of them all is the one with the text “My eyes, oh My, they Burn”. Yes, my eyes do indeed burn - from looking at this picture which is so heavily distorted by compression that the point it’s supposed to make almost drowns in the distortion.

I really wish you’d make an update using the same compression rate as is used for the 1. Edition, 50-60 Mb is nothing for a PDF these days and I think it’s sad to ruin such a great and beatiful book this way just so save a few megabytes.

Sorry if I’m nitpicking but I’m a big lover of art and have sort of become allergic to how otherwise beatiful stuff often is being ruined by too heavy compression… :frowning: