The New @Tagging Mod Here On The Forums

We’ve just installed a really cool new mod here on the forums which allows you to @ tag members in posts.
@ tagging someone will notify them that they’ve been mentioned in a thread.

An @ tag works by wrapping [ mention ] tags around a username, which in turn links to that member’s profile and it looks like this: @HAWK

You can tag someone several ways:

  1. Click the button in your GUI
  2. Type an @ followed by their username (as you would in Twitter)
  3. Use the Tag User(s) field above the Reply To Thread button

A tagged user will be notified via their Notifications indicator (top right of the screen) or via the new Thread Tags tab under your Profile.

So… if you need to ask a question or get the attention of someone specific, make sure you @ tag them. :slight_smile:

Test @HAWK. :smiley:

Roger that. :slight_smile:

I think I can’t see the forest for the trees because I’m not seeing the point of tagging someone :confused:

If you want to get someone’s attention can’t you just PM them or make a post in the thread? and if the tagged member just gets a notice that they’ve been mentioned in a thread, they then have to go over to the thread to see why someone tagged them. And how do you plan stopping nuisance tagging?

I guess it is the twitter experience… in the forum. It may be fun… let’s test this… @molona , @[URL=“”]ScallioXTX , @[URL=“”]spikeZ , @[URL=“”]blackmax , @[URL=“”]AndrewCooper , @[URL=“”]xhtmlcoder , @[URL=“”]ULTiMATE , @[URL=“”]Crazybanana , @[URL=“”]guido2004 , @[URL=“”]SpacePhoenix … can’t think of any other names right now… but let’s see if all of them realize that I mentioned them in this thread… hehe

I mentioned myself but I see no notifications… Is it because me and myself are the same person? :slight_smile:

Its easier to check your notifications if you have been tagged than to keep checking for your username or checking back to every thread you have posted in. Sure folks can PM you too.


Yes, you can tag yourself but it wont increase your mentions count. Stops the nuisance tagging!

yeah ok, thanks. I can see it has some merit but what’s stopping someone going around tagging users just for the fun of it and consequently wasting other people’s time when they go look up why they were tagged.

Just had a thought ;)… Do we have the option in our profile settings to switch off being tagged just like we can switch off PM’s from other members?

Any OTT tagging or abuse of the tagging system would result in a warning for the member. If you find that someone is abusing the system then feel free to report them using the flag icon on the left and they will be dealt with appropriately.

As far as I can tell, you can’t turn off tagging but in the unlikely event that it becomes an issue then the plugin could well be hacked up to incorporate it.

@HAWK, i like it. Makes the forum feel more social now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha! I can even see the number of times that I’ve been mentioned or tagged! Right under my picture. This is a brilliant idea. I like it!

Now for another stupid question… if tag=mention then why I have two counts, one for tags and another for mentions?

@molona you may get mentioned 5 times in 1 thread posts and 1 time in 5 other threads (see the top of the thread where I have tagged you!) so it counts both :slight_smile:

tag != mention

mention is when I do this: @molona

and tag is when I add your name to the box at the top of the page


Although I do quite like the tagging feature I worry about it clashing with features like the quote button. If we can tag members it would also make a lot of sense to make it so that if a post is quoted a user is alerted, similarly to how things were on vB3 and the old design.

Additionally, this functionality needs to be styled in a bit better as the current styles could still use some work.

Quoting now also gets a notification alert.
You should get one for this for example. Only noticed it doing this earlier today though!

So if I get it right… I can only be tagged once per thread… but mentioned multiple times in the same thread.

That’s how I understand it, yes.

Let’s see. @molona.


Yes, before my mention just now you were mentioned 3 times, now you’re mentioned 4 times :slight_smile:

So will this find its way into Search? (or more accurately will this Filter be added)

use case: I know there was a thread not long ago, I don’t remember the subject but I do remember that ScallioXTX made a comment on it because I [ mention ]-ed him.

You can see any mentions you make in your own profile ( as well under the “Mentions” tab.
So once you’ve mentioned someone, you can go to your own mentions tab and you’ll see it there.

You can also go to my profile and see that I was mentioned by you; it records both ways.

This is really cool. I like it! @HAWK, you really have some great ideas!