The last good book I read was FREE!

Author: Will Patching

Book: Remorseless - A British Crime Thriller

I stumbled across the free book and was most surprised because it was remarkably good! A British author makes a pleasant change to read slang, “up the duff” that I understand. I can relate to the author because we were both born in London although he comes from “Sarf Lunnon” and I come from “Plasso, Lunnon E13”. Also surprised to learn that he lives on Koh Phuket, the Thailand tropical island. Not only but also both of us had boats that sank, his off Phuket, mine was on York’s River Ouse.

After subscribing to his newsletter I was able to download the free eBook which which kept me enthralled and even though very lengthy - it was read in a couple of days!

Based in UK and about a psychotic killer, paroled and seeking revenge on those responsible for his eighteen year incarceration. Will is intriguing how he really gets inside his characters heads and their justification for horrific deeds. Will has researched the topic and created a dedicated website.

The book kept me interested throughout; unlike other books which usually have two stories running parallel with good starts, mediocre filling content before the final chapters. Will’s dramatically start, expands upon each new character delving into their pasts, hopes, wishes and frequent demise before the final surprising conclusive chapters! Will Patching holds no punches!

Beware: Remorseless is the first of a trilogy. After reading I immediately bought Mutilated and Gaslight to complete the set. Both $4.99 each were equally as good which led me to buying his next trilogy! The Hack, The Hunter and The Hangman.

The Hack refers to a young journalist that writes low quality and rushed articles to order. Her younger teenage brother was a computer genius hacker that started when he was thirteen. Story starts with a gruesome murder in Bangkok, soon shifts to UK where Kate the London based journalist and brother fly to Bangkok and other characters evolve from USA and Russia. Each additional character is fascinating and gradually complete the story with a surprising conclusion.

Are there any similar books that users can recommend?


I’ve signed up for a few eBook series on much the same basis - the first one is free - but I have to confess that I haven’t (yet) read any of them, so it would be wrong to recommend them. I really don’t like reading books on a screen, and I was trying to persuade myself by having some things to read that I can’t get in “real” book form. Hasn’t worked, yet.

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I get the impression that technology has reduced the barriers for authors, many seem to be writing books and expecting to make a fortune. Will Patching has been writing for many years and has 10 Good Read Reviews all with a high four star rating.

I also do not like reading books on a large screen (they are reserved for coding) and far prefer escaping to read on a tablet or smartphone.

I just searched and found My first Tablet was bought way back in August 2012! It was ideal for reading eBooks and so impressed that upgraded June 2015 to an iPad Mini 4. Although when away from home I do read eBooks on my Moto e4 which has 720 x 1280 pixels resolution but far prefer to use the iPad.

There are also quite a few eBook readers that make using a text-to-speech option a pleasure, eReader Prestigio: Book Reader is exceptional and offers dozens of dialects!

I read at least a book a week and find reading relaxing especially at night. When I start reading I make a special point of selecting the Aeroplane Mode because I dislike interruptions :slight_smile:

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