The Google killer has arrived


Do you think this search engine could be the next Google killer? I came across it on DP Forums.

I think its a little slow but it does have the potential…Pls share your feedback pros and cons.

I’m not even going to look at that engine right now. Google killer? That possibility doesn’t and may never exist in my opinion. Google is so much more than an engine, its an empire and those don’t fall for a long long time.

Not so much a Google Killer as a parasite. As far as I can tell, it seems to just leech results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. So if it kills Google, it kills off part of the way it works. Not smart.

I’m not keen on the way the page snapshot shows the domain home page rather than the specific page being listed. And as you say, it is painfully slow.

What does this site supposedly do that is better than Google? I can’t see anything.
What does Google do better than this site? Pretty much everything. Quicker search, ore powerful calculator, currency conversion, maps, faster indexing (Google has indexed this thread, but Sperse hasn’t).

In other words, forget it.

I agree it’s not better than Google as it pulls results from Google, Yahoo and Bing as stated by Sperse. However, I do feel its much better than any other metasearch engine out there if they can speed up their search a little bit. And it is slow compared Google, Yahoo etc but its not “painfully slow” in my opinion.

I can’t see another search engine ever rivalling Goofle in the UK again, given its absolut dominance

results displayed nicely, but the thumbnails are sometimes inappropriate

results not nearly as comprehensive as, which has a ton of additional features

Yep. I second the parasite comment.

No one kills Google. Bing couldn’t do it. Yahoo! couldn’t do it. No chance in the world.

I don’t think so.
Google is google. Yahoo, Bing & other search engine try to back google. But not possible. If new search engine give us better service, if a mild competition we are benefited. I personally appreciate.

Many have tried and failed because Google has already been associated with “search” in our minds. It’s a giant company with many cool products and as a search engine, it does a great job and keeps on improving.

Just the very fact that the term ‘google’ has been considered entry into the next concise oxford dictionary tells it’s own story!

I hope, that one day google monopoly will end. However, not sure, that sperse could be google rival.

I feel like everybody is just replying without even going to I wanted a active discussion with pros and cons and not only what google is or does.

When Spersing my name, he can’t find myself, while google can :slight_smile:

I agree, not all replies are useful. But Replies #3, 4, 6 and 7 are giving you some cons.
Do you have any pros?

speaking of “the google killer has arrived” …

recently featured on reddit, Why I don’t use Bing


That is the first test any [new] Search Engine must pass!!

We tend to get so involved with Search Engine Optimism that we forget the real intent of any search engine: To help a user locate information. In many respects, those of us here on Sitepoint are so deep in the forest we cannot see any trees !!!

One should be able to think out of the forest.

interesting guys. much better than earlier discussions. anymore comments?

First it doesn’t seem to be Google killer, but there were times when Google was not #1. So, let’s see what will be in the future.

Its kinda hard to top something that allows for custom searches. Like google lol

I just checked it out. I clicked on the sign in portion, I was surprised that it did not have a “sign in with Google” button on it lol
Overall it looks like it might be interesting but I will stick to Google for now.

Not to mention you cant kill google by using google… If you look at the source code you see it actually searches google for answers.

Although UI wise, it is actually pretty cool looking. Unlike google I can actually go read the source code. So kudo’s to the developer for actually making something that is not a giant wall of “BLAAHHHHH”