The Google killer has arrived

I don’t think that there can ever be a site that could give Google a run for their money. They have grown extensively and beaten others on the way. There are other search engines and popular ones too, but to get to beat Google, you have to beat the ones below it and I’d be surprised if someone got that far as well.

The only website that could potentially compete against Google is Facebook. If they ever start their own search engine, I think a lot of people will be using it. Until that day comes, Google will be the most popular search engine in the world.

What features do you think a search engine must have to beat Google or compete against it?

I think the point is that Google has a massive amount of exposure. That and the fact that they have integrated so much stuff like Google Images, Google Maps, Google Videos and what not. It so well blended that people say ‘Google this or Google that’.

The edge that Facebook has is the fact that it has a lot of exposure as well. So if Facebook decides to serve as a search engine tomorrow, then that would most certainly be interesting. Although personally speaking, Facebook would have to do something completely brilliant to make me move from Google. I’m very well settled in.

Basically only popular sites are good? New sites can’t succeed unless they get fundings of tens of millions of dollars? Is that what you are trying to say?

There will never be a google killer… Its just theoritically impossible, these kinds of search engines come popping out of the woodwork almost every day and as quietly as they arrive, as quietly they leave. It can’t even be dubbed as a yahoo killer.

It’s a nice search engine, but a little slow, that’s a huge disadvantage. Also, the results are a little confusing, placing the thumbnails next to the results. Makes me feel a little dizzy when searching something

They do have a option to turn off the thumbshots. I like the fact its optional because even Im not a big fan of their thumbshots even though it is a good feature

LOL i really don’t think so :smiley:

Con: It doesn’t do anything Google does but better.

Here’s an interesting search engine: Millionshort

As the name might suggest, it returns search results with the first million hits stripped out. Not quite sure if this is useful or not - opinions please.

Google is not going to lose market share to just another search engine. Bigger companies have tried and failed. However, they are losing the attention of the users, now with people using social networks.

I’m really not sure what the purpose of that is. For a lot of queries, it doesn’t change anything (I was gutted to see that my website isn’t stripped out so isn’t considered to be in the top million sites on the internet :bawling:). It’s a novel premise, but the chances are that if one of those top million sites answers your query then it’s going to be a good site to look at … those sites didn’t get to be in the top million just by chance. And it’s unlikely that you’re going to get all that many of the top million sites returned for any query, so paging past the first few isn’t going to be too big a deal if you want to look at more eclectic sites.

That is interesting! Could be good for giving smaller businesses a chance, like in the dotcom boom.

As for ANY search engine being a Google killer I can’t see it. Google is used so much and is even a verb now in its own right. " Why don’t you Google it?" .

That engine couldn’t find a lot of things anyway.

I agree, I don’t think there’s ever going to be a new search engine that would or can kill Google. It has established its name and internet users will always depend on the big G to search something on the internet.