The forums in 2016, and some new team members

These SitePoint forums have been around since the late 90s – a constant companion to web enthusiasts and professionals as the Web has evolved though all its many phases.

The role of forums like this has changed over time, but those who help to keep these forums running hope that they still provide a fun and stimulating environment where people can get help, learn, discuss, and enjoy the company of like-minded people.

New Mentors for 2016!

We’re really lucky to have a lot of enthusiastic members willing to help out around the place. To kick off 2016, we’re excited to announce the addition of four new members to our team of friendly forum volunteers.

Congratulations, and thanks, to @Gandalf, @WebMachine, @SamA74 and @megazoid for agreeing to join our team of merry Mentors — those friendly folks with orangy usernames who are here to “go with thee and be thy guide” should you need anything.

We have new Advisors, too!

Likewise, three of our Mentors have agreed to pull on green Advisor boots and enter the giddy world of forum moderation. Thanks to @jeffreylees, @chrisofarabia and @mawburn for taking that on!

With Discourse (the forum software used by these forums) we have a lot of spam-busting tools at our fingertips, which helps to keep this place free of the stuff we don’t want. But of course, we still need people to push the buttons and make decisions, so we’re grateful to have new helpers to that end.

Enjoy the community

So, welcome to 2016, everyone, and have fun around here. Please feel free to start topics about the things you’re interested in, working on, learning about, wondering about, thinking about, and so on. This place is what we make of it, and we’re all still learning what role a forum can play in 2016 — when there are so many avenues for engagement on the Web.

Happy posting!


:wave: Hello new/promoted staff members!

:+1: I’m sure everyone involved will do a fantastic job. Thumbsup to all involved :slight_smile: .


Welcome new @Mentors and @Advisors


Thanks for the welcome all.

now, where do I stand whilst I read out this pledge of allegiance? :innocent:

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On your head. :stuck_out_tongue:


No one said anything about taking Australian citizenship for this job - still, I’ve always wanted to see Uluru…


Welcome and congratulations to @Gandalf, @megazoid, @SamA74 and @WebMachine. You’re all looking good in orange.

And commiserations congratulations to @chrisofarabia, @jeffreylees and @mawburn on your promotions.

I’m sure you’ll all be great in your new roles.


Welcome, new Mentors, and thanks for the confidence :wink: it’s awe inspiring :smiley:


Congratulations, new Advisors :slight_smile:

Welcome @Gandalf, @SamA74, @WebMachine, and @megazoid!

Your contributions have been well noted and it is nice to see you promoted to our volunteer staff.

Also congratulations to @jeffreylees (our plan is working!), @chrisofarabia, and @mawburn! Your promotions are a result of the progress and abilities you obtained as Mentors, good job all around!


Thanks for the warm welcome. And congratulations to the other new Mentors, and the new Advisors.

Congrats to the new mentors, and condolences congrats to the new Advisors!

Congratulations to everyone! You make us all proud.

Enjoy your oranginess or greeness XD

It is great to see new blood among the staff (literally, mentors don’t know it yet but we’re a secret vampire society :stuck_out_tongue: )

There were a few clues :smile_cat:

Welcome and congrats, let’s make it a great 2016.

For me, forums still have their place on the internet, because other social media are less suited for in-depth discussion of topics, and, very important IMO, it’s harder to find any info on them? Ever tried to find a discussion of a couple of weeks ago in a Facebook group? (although their search function has been improving lately it seems).


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