The Dawn of WebRTC

An excerpt from, by Lantre Barr

Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) was built to provide developers with the ability to create high definition video and audio calls using simple JavaScript APIs. These APIs are embedded directly in the browser and require no plugins, downloads, or installation of any type to get you up and running.

Google spent about $200 million to open source the technology giving it to the development community. WebRTC uses several codecs for video and audio giving anyone the ability to create next generation communication apps without the need to pay for licensing or royalties.

What are the Possibilities?

We have only begun to scratch the surface of how WebRTC will change the communications industry. We are seeing all types of applications being created with WebRTC. One of the most iconic examples is Amazon’s Mayday Button. It shows the true power of how WebRTC is being harnessed by companies large and small.

WebRTC brings many abilities for you to enhance your apps such as:

Video Communications: Create secure and high definition audio and video streams between browsers
File Sharing and Messaging: Securely connect and share data between browsers without the need to upload files to the cloud or a network server. Data is sent directly between the connected peers
Phone to Browser: WebRTC allows for connections between Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and browsers. You can make and receive calls all from one location with the use of the new APIs in HTML5, a SIP Gateway and WebRTC
Mobile to Mobile: WebRTC is not just for the web, there are native libraries for both iOS and Android that utilize WebRTC’s capabilities
Machine to Machine: WebRTC is embeddable for systems needing to communicate machine to machine such as with the Internet of Things. Google Chromecast is a perfect example of using WebRTC outside the normal use case

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