JavaScript CTI Connector


We have just published JavaScript CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) Connector. The main goal of this JavaScript library is to allow web developers to easily add Telephony (Voice over IP) functionality into any web application.

It is somehow similar to WebRTC as it offers rich real time communication controlled by web browser. However there are some major differences:

  • it works in all web browser (as of time of this writing WebRTC is not supported by Internet Explorer which may limit its use in business applications);
  • it is not a peer-to-peer technology and benefits from all advanced telephony functionality available in VoIPstudio platform;
  • it offers connectivity to/from PSTN (Traditional Telephone) network “out of the box”;

It is also similar to another well known platform allowing for Voice over IP integrations - Twillo - however Twiillo requires server side coding making implementations much more complex. JavaScript CTI Connector is purely client (browser) side and requires no server components.

For the moment CTI Connector allows for outbound “click to call” connections and “inbound calls” handling. In the future we would like to expand it further by allowing for real time IVR (Interactive Voice Response) interactions and more.

The future development of this toolkit will depend on feedback from developers like you, so please don’t hesitate to open an Issue on Github if you spot a bug or have an idea about new functionality.

Sounds pretty cool, to me. I’ll have to wait until I get home to check it out, though. Work blocks so many sites, github included. :frowning:


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