Textarea key press disables dropdown add in firefox

My script works ok in IE but not in firefox.
Basically i have a dropdown list that onclick adds the values to a textarea field on same page.
It works ok if you just select from the dropdown to begin.However as soon as you press a key with the cursor in focus of the textarea it disables the further addition from the dropdown.
This doesn’t happen in IE so it’s probably a syntax error.
I’m new to all this and i search the internet to build the scripts by trial and error -this is my way of learning.:shifty:
Anyway here is the code;


function test(){
var seloption = document.getElementById(‘selid’);


SELECT id=“selid” onclick=“return test()”

It’s ok.It’s sorted.The problem was with ‘innerHTML’. I changed this to ‘value’.
Now works.:slight_smile: