IE problems with dual dropdown list

Hi, I recently finished some code that starts off by showing an options drop down list. To start off, the javascript runs fine in firefox.

What it should do: Display one drop list right when the page loads. Next when an user chooses an option the next list will populate as a result of the change. I accomplished this by encoding the 2nd list option in the javascript and using innerHTML to change div in the html.

Now I can’t get this to work in IE… I know that javascript is enabled since I coded script to display the browser and os which worked fine after I ‘allowed’ the active content. I’ve tried allowing the content for the list script and refreshing, but the 2nd list never appears.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


Sometimes finding a problem in javascript is very hard when you have the code right in front of you. Without the code there is not much that I can do…


Yeah, I was trying to prepare some demo code that works the same way and not in internet explorer… What I did discover that the 2nd list populates fine the code that is causing the problem is when I try to populate a table based on the option selected… again this does work on firefox.

Wow… well, as I changed stuff around I got my demo that I was going to post to work… arrrr… I guess that’s good but I need to look through my code some more.

Thank you for the quick response, if I can’t get my original code to work I may post again.