Text messaging service

Hi all,
as you probably know that website remind.com connects students and teachers instantly by text and email. It is a great service and all my teachers in graduate program was using it when I was there in the States. For those who dont know about the site, teacher create a class, and provide a class code to students and parents, then they sign up for reminder messages from teacher. no one see any phone number or anything.
In these days I am thinking to start up website same as remind.com in my country. site and app is free there cause they have sponsors but I will have to charge some to users if i can achieve this as business.
I would like you to advise if you can make a web site same as remind.com, lead time, cost and your advices about my project.

thanks :wink: :wink:

That’s a great site!

The cost will probably be determine by how many active users at one time and how well the architecture scales. You may copy their User Interface layout but not their internal systems. Say there is 1 million message per day. How fast can you query latest message for a particular class? To architect an application to support 1 million message a day will cost lots of $$$$$$$. I expect at least 10 very senior level IT people that ranges from Security Expert to Developers to Network expert. Maybe using Amazon AWS may save a lot of money but you’ll still need man power and expertise to utilize their service. My guess is that you’re looking at minimum $1 million to be anywhere near remind.com

Of course… there is a MUCH cheaper way but more riskier. Just make it happen using cheap labors and test the market. Maybe the application may not scale very well and only support maybe 10,000 message per day… but if your app becomes very popular then that’ll cause to crash since you can’t support that many users…most likely to uninstall if it constantly crashes…and it’s hard to scale because you didn’t invest in better and more expensive technology. I’d say around $100k to create cheap version that deploys on Web, iOS, and Android.